Gil making strategies of Final Fantasy 14

There are a lot of strategies for making gil out there, in fact there are almost as many strategies as there are people. Some, of course work better than others and there are three primary ones that seem to work the best over all others in any type of MMO world.   The first strategy […]

No Days Off for You

Paid Time Off (PTO), Sick Leave, Floating Holidays, “Personal” Days, Paid Holidays; no matter which phrase is used to describe it, it is the time that we all need to step away from work and deal with life. To our employeers, it is an expense almost on par with providing health benefits. To the rest […]

Fear for Your Job!

Unemployment is at record highs! Unemployment is a terrible scourge on this country! The talking points on every media channel in the United States are saturated with terrible stories about the failure of the economy to keep every single person employed. But what is the real story? Are the unemployment rates of 9% terrible, or […]